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02-22-2012, 06:05 PM
I submit the Earth's 10 shortest wars. As well as the topic of longest skirmish.


I can't help but question the relevance of (or lack thereof) Ambassador's service period being labeled as peace time or not. A war in Star Trek need not be as involved as the Dominon War (or was really the Dominion Skirmish? ) to still be considered a war. What matters is that we know something did did occur over the period which resulted in tactical exchanges. I seriously doubt (my own speculation, of course) that Starfleet felt the Ambassador's needed protecting from the latest Big Bad Wolf along the borders.

I also think it's funny that just because we had more TV model appearances of Excelsior over Ambassador some would assume this could only mean that Ambassador must have been inferior to Excelsior. We just don't know that.