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02-22-2012, 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by LordCorrino
Any ship is going to need a cargo bay. Put it next to the shuttle bay and use it for extra shuttles or other cargo as needed. The DS9 Technical Manual actually shows this. Cargo bay is right next door. Even at 120m the ship is half as big as a WWII aircraft carrier. I think it can carry a couple of shuttles. This is one of the things that has always irked me about Star Trek. Voyager is the size of a Nimitz class supercarrier but the crew always complained about how small it was and could only carry a couple of shuttles.
Half as big as a WWII Aircraft Carrier is not exactly huge and when you are trying to maximize your available space with the idea of Armor, Power, and Weapons you may not have the motivation to "find" room for a Shuttle Bay. Not every ship requires a Shuttle Bay or even a large Cargo Bay. Defiant needs Cargo Room for the absolutely bare necessities of Torpedoes, Phaser Batteries, and Engineering supplies. It is NOT a Cargo ship or multipurpose craft like the Galaxy.

The Intrepid Class has a lot of ITS space dedicated to advanced warp drive, sophisticated computers, and Science Ship sensor Arrays. These things take up a lot of room. Add in the crew quarters and internal science Labs and it is a somewhat cramped ship compared to behemoths like Star Cruisers and Galaxy Class ships.

It is all about what you design a ship to have. Yes, you CAN make any given ship into a veritable Shuttle Carrier but that is not the way Starfleet designs their ships.