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02-22-2012, 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by Adyreon
My favorite ship is the B'rel retrofit. If you do the proper setup with Bridge Officers, use appropriate gear, and fly quick hit and runs, it works very well, and has a great survivability.

However, if you like to slow down and not make pass runs at your target, or use a poor BO loadout, it won't work very well.

The only reason I fly the B'rel vs the Hegh'ta is the better speed and maneuverability that the B'rel offers. Some may argue it isn't work the lower hull that the B'rel has, but I respectfully disagree.
This guy touches on what makes the B'rel work.

It's not a ship for slogging it out toe to toe. Flying the B'rel retrofit is about speed, surprise, and violence of action. If it has come to the point where your hull points matter, you had better be breaking contact already, or you messed up. It's the fastest, most nimble ship with 4 frontal weapons. It's enhanced battle cloak is just situational gravy.

Play to the BR's strengths, and it will serve you well. Try to make it do something it isn't designed for, and it will fail you.