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02-23-2012, 01:09 AM
Originally Posted by Nyxium
Welcome KG6EYR!

Much love and best of luck pal! You'll find me *****ing about cryptic or something either in DS9 or your local Zone chat.

If you ever need help give me a shout.
Thanks man, good to be welcomed! Seems like I'm already set to ***** about how people over-post on the bugs already mentioned in the tracker, but I can understand why they do. I suppose it's just my distaste of ignorance, who knows?

I'm sure you'll see me troll from time to time, especially in DS9 zone, simply because I can't help it with some of that failed troll-bait I see posted. *lol* Definitely will give you a shout if I'm in a bind, even moreso if my Fleeties can't bail me out.

If only they made a checksum filter for the value "ID-10-T" Hehe... Would make life so much easier.

Also, your avatar's got me wondering where I've seen that before... Which is awesome, by the way