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02-23-2012, 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by Ace-Dreadnought View Post
I hafta say, I wouldn't mind spending money for a ship significantly better than others...

My issue is this: Currently, C-Store ships, at least VA ones are just that... All VA ships. there is nothing higher... yet.

Rather than just a new design with Boffs arranges a bit differently on each one, give us a ship that we can possibly pay for that is Actually an upgrade. Something with 6 BOFF slots and a hanger bay. Maybe down the road with fleet starbases, even the option to install a Battle Cloak device on it.

I realize that Adm and FA are down the road, but I truly, oh-so truly hope that ships earned at those levels aren't the same as VA ships.

As a fleet mate put it once..."When do we get the 'big kid' ships, Cryptic" I think many of us are waiting for the colossus dreadnoughts and such to come out We shall see though...

Once again though, When everyone is super, No one will be.
I get the feeling that, because we have the c-store ships, we probably won't be seeing Admiral and Fleet Admiral ships. Making the ships that people may have put upwards of 20 to25 bucks into suddenly obsolete seems like a bad business decision and might end up pushing players away rather than drawing them in.