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# 1 Advice needed - tac skills
02-23-2012, 04:57 AM
To max or not to max is the main question here.
I've been going over quite a lot of builds in this here forum, but most of them deal with ship builds, not skills.

This is the intro
(unfortunately spoiler tags do not work, so i have to dump this in quote)
I'm running a Fleet escort currently, the setup follows here. This setup will not change, I started the thread as a captain skill discussion, not ship build.
Fleet escort:
4 Fore weps: 4x Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid Dual heavy cannons
3 Aft weps: 3x Disruptor turrets
4 Tac consoles: 4x disruptor (+26% dmg) coils
2 Sci consoles: Shield amplifier (13% shield regen), Grappler
3 Eng consoles: 3x shield power setting (+3.5 power to shields, 10.5 total)
Other stuff: random blue positron deflector (16 emitters, 22 shield, 22 structural integrity), random pink resilient shield (cap+reg+20% plasma reduction), random green combat engine (spd+turn)

Boff skills:
Tac Commander - tac team, rapid fire, pattern omega, pattern beta
Tac Lt. Commander - tac team, rapid fire, pattern delta
Sci Lt. - hazard emitters, hazard emitters
Eng Lt. - em power to shields, reverse shield polarity
Eng Ensign - em power to shields

Doff active in space:
2x Conn Officer - reduces tac team cooldown
3x Technician - reduces boffs skill cooldown

Current power setup:
weapons - 104/75
shields - 100/75
engines - 39/25
aux - something something /25
I have reached VA rank in less than a week , but I am still barely beginning the Romulan episodes, so I do not have access to late/end game stuff.
Never played a STF yet, but intend to at some point in the future. Fleet Actions and the random Fed incursion/Borg invasion are enough for now.
I am building this as a PVE character.

I am currently considering two builds:
The First build focuses on getting most skills to +6 (84%) and as a result it has more skills opened up. It also had some 15000 skill points remaining at the end, which allowed for some of the skills to go beyond +6 (into the red zone).
The Second skill build (which I am currently using) focuses on maxing what I've seen to be "important" skills. As a result, it has fewer skills opened up, but most of them are +9.

So the idea is, which build do YOU consider to be better?