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02-23-2012, 04:03 AM
Thanks for you Quick reply.
Is it Not possible to get the mvam console without to buy the Multi Vector Advanced escort?
I think 25$ is too much. I do spent Money at the c-Store, so it is Not, that i don't want to Pay Money at the c-Store at all. But 25$ is just too much, i just want the Konsole and Not another Ship. The Description of the T5 Prometheus Class Ship made me beliefe, that the Ship has the mvam already. There was no word, that you still Need the Konsole. That tricked me. Of I had this know before I had cosen the Luna-Class.

I don't know where I Read it, but i googled and someone mentioned, that you will Be able to recieve the mvam console as a Mission reward. But it did Not say which Mission it is.

Please help.