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02-23-2012, 06:31 AM
1. I know you said "this setup will not change", but there are two things that I'd recommend you consider changing. If you absolutely don't want to change anything about the ship, then skip to 2.
If not: Weapon power, imo, should be 125/100. I can actually get 125/95, and you probably could as well with the 2nd skill build you've posted. Cut your shields to 75/50 to make the change. Also, try to get a Field Generator (Sci console) for a 35% boost to shield capacity, if you can afford/craft one.

2. "To max or not to max?". My answer is max it. Out of the two skill builds you've posted, I think the second one is stronger. It's pretty similar to my own skill build. The only thing that seems to be "missing" from it is skill points in Electro Plasma Systems, which enables your ship to more quickly recover energy that it loses from weapons as you fire. I'll have to check what I sacrificed in order to have points in there on my own build when I'm at home later.

Escorts are about damage and that build should enable you to do more of it then the first one. I find little benefit in things like Driver Coil & Starship Batteries that the first build has. Whilst on the 2nd one, there's nothing there that strikes me as "wasted" (apart from the 1 point in Driver Coil, but that can't be spent anywhere else).