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02-23-2012, 08:00 AM
May already have been discussed/mentioned but here goes

- universal first officer slot on all ships would be great and really add a lot of different play styles
- fix bug that sees bridge crew 'falling into the floors' at their stations when you go to visit the bridge

- revamp of all science ships to add in more benefits to using them (They aren't bad now but not as fun as other ships)
1.Maybe a 'crafting bonus' attribute that goes to the player using a science ship
2.Might not be totally cannon but a 'rear deflector' added to science ships would make greatly add to the those abilities; not suggesting a visual change on the ship just the ability

- Benzite BOFFs
- Special ground trait - 'The Kirk Effect'. Special ability that causes your character to 'lose their shirt' for an additional +10 hit points, +10 knockback and +10 seductiveness.