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02-23-2012, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by verasgunn View Post
I get the feeling that, because we have the c-store ships, we probably won't be seeing Admiral and Fleet Admiral ships. Making the ships that people may have put upwards of 20 to25 bucks into suddenly obsolete seems like a bad business decision and might end up pushing players away rather than drawing them in.
If that is always the case, I feel that Cryptic will never go anywhere. We can't hang in VA ships forever. Imagine, "year 5...6....7" and still the same old sovereign or galaxy or something...

An idea is perhaps make Retrofits of the current C-store VA ships. Perhaps add visual differences though, to make them look a bit more "believable" so to say. Possibly add a 3rd nacelle for most of the cruisers... Maybe make the Galaxy Dreadnought with that sensor wing like the nebula (as we have seen variants of before)
I don't really know all the details now, but I'm sure there is a way.

Another idea I'v thought of before is to leave VA as the normal "cap". Only a certain percentage of players, ones that play the most and kill the most borg/klingons...etc. Those players would get Admiral rank, and an even smaller percentage perhaps achieve Fleet Admiral rank.

We would actually earn our promotion compared to the other players rather than simply after killing x amount of npcs and grinding x amount of missions.

If players didn't keep up, they could be demoted back to VA... possibly lower... that would require serious makeover skills though.