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02-23-2012, 11:40 AM
Okay this is mine:

Main differences:

- I use torpedoes, so I have torpedo skills. That obviously doesn't apply to you. So you don't need them. (Tbh, I may have too much spent on Torp skills, but I'm out of respecs). I don't have anything in Shield Emitters because I only have one shield skill. You have 3, so Shield Emitters is worthwhile for you. That pretty much cancels out the Lt. grade Torpedo skill I'm using.

- I have Hull Plating (Energy resist) instead of Armour Plating (Kentic resist). Since the Romulans like to hit you with 3x Heavy Plasma Torps at times, Kenetic resist is probably a decent option for you at the moment. I have energy resist for my forays into PvP.

- I went Impulse Thrusters for extra turn rate instead of the flat engine power bonus from Engine Performance. I'm not sure I actually tried Engine Performace at any stage, I just saw extra turn rate and went for it. Someone may come along and tell you that I'm wrong to do that.

- I have Electro Plasma Systems. This is partly because I have a cloak and want my shields to power back up quickly (which doesn't apply to you), but it does help your weapon power recover more quickly after it drops when you fire more than 1 weapon at the same time. It'd also speed up the boost from your Emergency Power to Shields.

Overall, I'd say the 2nd build you've posted should work well for your ship. The only thing I think you should try to add is EPS.