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Originally Posted by Gravitate View Post
The Prometheus class originally launched with the game as an Advanced Escort. This was prior to a Multi-Vector Assault Mode console being introduced, so the loss of that ability was explained away as the "aspect was removed due to moving parts that were easy to damage."

Then the MVAE was introduced to the C-Store, which brought the MVAM ability in to the game.
In fact.. Any of the popular T5 ships (MVAM Prommie, Defiant, Intrepid, Galaxy X, Galaxy Refit, The fire-while-cloaked-BoP) are ships that have been added after launch, and always for C-Points... At one time you could get some of them for emblems (wich is now called Dilithium), but then DStahl left, and suddenly everything because C-Points.

When that transition was done, DStahl magically returned.