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02-23-2012, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by flyingwaffle123


Offensive Powers: Torpedo Spread I, Scramble Sensors I, Tyken's Rift I, Sensor Scan II, Target Subsystem (Science Ship version)
Defensive Powers: Emergency Power to Shields I, Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters I, Shield Batteries (I keep a big stack lol)
Misc Powers: Evasive Maneuvers, Photonic Displacement II

Forward: Quantum Torpedo Launcher, Phaser Beam Array
Aft: Quantum Torpedo Launcher, Quantum Mine Launcher

Right now it seems like a really good balance of offense and defense and I'm actually able to take quite a beating so far.

Anybody have suggestions for improvement on this?

I have both the Nebula Tier 3 and Tier 5. There is no kind of way of saying this so don't take it personally..but you're wasting that ship with those setups.

To begin with.. you're using torpedos and mines. Nebulas are slow and turn very badly..that means the time it takes you to turn your ship to aim the torpedo you are losing more DPS than that which a beam array would inflict in the same time frame. Mines only work if the enemy gets within 1km of it.. not many do so again, you're losing dps.

Defensively speaking you simply can't tank with that setup. You only have 1 heal-over-time shield heal and 1 very weak hull heal that is also heal-over time. To tank you need to have both a heal over time and an instant heal otherwise you'll just get shot to pieces while you wait for the 'time' part of heal-over-time.

My suggestion:

Key: 1= ensign slot, 2=LT slot ... 4= Cmdr Slot.

Lt Cmdr Science:

1 Science Team 1
2 Transfer Shield Strength 2
3 Gravity Well 1

Ensign Universal: (Science)

1 Polarize Hull

Lt Engineer

1 Emergency Power to Shields 1
2 Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field 1

Lt Tactical

1 Fire at Will 1
2 Fire at Will 2

Weapons: All beam arrays. Disruptor suggested.

Power Settings: Weapons: 50 (no higher), Shields: 35 (no higher), Engines: 25 (no higher), AUX: all remaining power to AUX (should give you around 70). *** This all depends on your captain skills.

What do you get with this setup?

Damage wise:

Fire at Will has ALL your beam arrays fire to up to 3 targets (each array chooses 3 targets at random) to rapid fire. Having both Fire at Will 1 and 2 allows you to almost constantly be spitting out huge amount of damage to many targets at once. Very useful in solo missions and very useful in PVE.

Gravity Well is the best damage dealing sci ability that exists. If you have Particle stat at 6 or better and have at least one particle console in your ship...with high aux power Gravity well 1 can do up to 900 damage per tick directly to hull to ANY and ALL ships it tractors into itself.

...and this is why I suggest Disruptors as your beam damage type. Disruptors lower damage resistances. Gravity well damage is kinetic. Lowering that resist on a group of ships (fire at will remember? The disruptor effect can land on all of those which your fire at will hits) makes them die faster. Aaand then there's the damage that an exploding ship does to others near it... a cluster of 10 ships in a gravity well... 1 explodes.. makes another explode. which makes the next one explode..and so on. Its lovely.

Healing wise:

You have multiple heals that do not share timers and which all make good use of your AUX power.

Emergency power to Shields gives you 20% resists to shields for a short duration and increases your shield power amount. This should be the FIRST heal you hit when taking damage.

Transfer shield strength 2 is a great regen over time..and it works very good when your shields have 20% resists to them. The more AUX power you have the better the heals

Science Team is what you use as a heal in between the timers for emergency power to shields and transfer shield strength. Its a good, strong heal. The more AUX power you have the better the heals.

Aux to SIF : A very quick timer, very good hull heal as it is based on your AUX power setting.

Polarize Hull: It is not a heal but its almost as good. It grants a HUGE bonus to hull resistances and breaks you free and makes you immune to tractor beams. Use this plus Brace for Impact when you are in a bad situation (no shields, heals on timers, and your hull about to get thumped badly).