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02-23-2012, 01:50 PM
Well I totaly have to agree.
Justed tried it and mien coinstantly moved either towards me or stopped moving for a few minutes.
The Idea is pretty nice i think - but the way it works out is just plain fail.

Gave up after the counter went from 6/20 to 2/18 (?!?) (i didn't even see 20 gekli on the map btw.)and had the 3rd or 4th just refused to move...
Ah and theyre sutpidly slow even if they move i had to pull doen throttel to something like 25% to stay behind them... and even then i was slightly faster then them. (with all power to engines, but they should move at leats half as fast as your max speed.

Until now i thought Gorn Minefield was the baddest space map in STO - well now i know its the second surpassed by Gekli Feedings ground by a large margin.