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02-23-2012, 02:40 PM
I got my Galor today and what can i say...

i L O V E it.

I wish every Cruiser in STO would feel like this. It's fast, but not nearly as fast as a Escort.
It's the first cruiser that can effectively use it's torpdoes in Combat (except to the Excelsior to a certain degree).
Maybe players and devs see that such a ship is not so much OP and that a cruiser that can actually move is much more fun to fly than a slow and sluggish rock like most cruisers are now.

Except it's appearance (well it's a cardie ship...) i just love it.

Man i wish there could be a Federation cruiser that handles (and had the BO and console layout) like this and having the looks of a Avenger Class. (just dreaming )

One courius thing: when on the bridge there is a Tactical Officer where i can change to a Shuttlecraft, but there is no ready room .

Live long and prosper.