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02-23-2012, 06:22 PM
Originally Posted by Grouchy.Otaku
So tell me, have you really really checked everything???
Obviously not, since we're still experiencing technical difficulties... But, nobody can check EVERYthing the first time around. That's just a truism...

Troubleshooting is a step-by-step, iterative process. We're trying to eliminate as many possibilities as... possible.

Riddle me this, if it's a hardware issue, such as a bad HD, why would it ONLY manifest as texture decompression errors and not as more general errors? This seems strangely specific... Not saying it couldn't happen that a bad drive could manifest with a single file or specific type of file getting repeatedly corrupted. I'd just find it strangely suspicious that nothing else would be affected. No other programs crashing or developing glitches, etc. I know that's not a particularly scientific argument. Just saying, it seems strange that such a general type of error would manifest in such a specific way...

Anyway, I'm back over at my friend's, and I think we've actually got some writable CDs, so we can waste a couple on bootable diagnostic discs for memory / HD.