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02-23-2012, 08:38 PM
Admiral's log, stardate 89749.73.
Despite the fears of certain Starfleet Intelligence officers, our survey of the remnants of the Zeta Andronicus supernova revealed no signs of foul play. Instead, the supernova seems to have been completely natural. The reason why we didn't predict this event seems to simply be a case of poor surveying in the past. We were on our way back to DS9 and Bajor when everything went to sh- [recording deleted]

The Harmony was on its way back to Deep Space Nine when we encounted an odd anomaly. It appeared to be some kind of micro wormhole and, as we have standing orders to investigate wormholes, we took a detour to investigate it. And as soon as we started scanning it, the micro wormhole decided to become a macro wormhole. And not a wormhole.

We're stuck in some sort of empty void and our systems are starting to degrade. Soon they'll fail and ... well, sensors have picked up dozens of ships in here. Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Tzenkethi ... all empty and cold and dead. If we don't find a way out of here, we'll end up the same way.

Admiral's log, stardate 89749.98

Good news, bad news and more good news.
The first bit of good news; we're not alone here. Unfortunately this leads right into the bad news. A Klingon carrier group is in here with us, and they're annoyed.
The other bit of good news is that this has happened before. Which doesn't sound too good until I add that the ship that got stuck in here before was the Voyager, and they got out.

Okay, more bad news. It seems that despite having far more power at our disposal than Voyager did, the Harmony isn't getting out of here alone. We need more power for Voyager's method to work, and we need it in more places.
So, I'm going to take a risk. This could easily go wrong and get us all killed, but ... the other choice is to die slowly. I'm going to have to try and get the Klingons to help.

Admiral's log, supplemental.
Why does everyone try going for my eyes? First Takerra, now Scoots.
Or, I suppose, Brigadier General Scoo Taroo of the IKS whatever. I guess that's a problem when you come from a neutral world - you might see people you know on the other side. And I know - knew her. She was quite young the last time I saw her and she's grown a lot since then. Not much physically, but in every other way ... a lot. I remember when she and her friends used to run around town getting in trouble. Now she's a KDF officer equal in rank to me.
And as cold as she's become, she still has some of her old self in her. Enough that she's willing to cooperate with me to get everyone ot of here. Unfortunately, some of her officers would prefer to kill us and they pushed her into a corner. Either she fought me or she'd face open mutiny from those troublemakers.
I think I know part of how she went up so many ranks so fast, too. She's quick and more than happy to use every unfair advantage she can get. And, judging by how she turned and dealt with the leader of the militant faction of her officers, more than willing to kill her crew if they get out of line. It saddens me that the little girl I used to know has turned into this cold young woman, but ... it worked. Her ships did exactly as she told them to - one of them was apparently a bit slow, but it hurried up when her ship locked weapons on it. With the help of the Klingons we managed to recreate the events that led us to this void and escape. Then she took her ships and left. I get the feeling that she'll need to replace several of her officers when she reaches the nearest Klingon port.

I feel old and depressed. Hopefully I'll be able to pick something strong up on DS9.