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02-23-2012, 09:45 PM
Supply and demand.

Supply of c points increase during hi-sales periods due to players trading Dil for C-points for a partial/full subsidy to buy c-store items.

This temporarily increases the price of c points due to high demand and low supply.

Vice versa for a slow period with no new content releases, oversupply of c points and no one wanting to buy and the exchange rate will drop to the low 200:1 range.

That lull is a good time to invest some dilithium to exchange to cheaper c points. Eventually after a few cycles you should have enough c store points to 'play' the market.

Oh and I find a preliminary investment works - nothing like some capital (say, $10 worth of c points) so you can have some experience as a purchaser and know how it feels like when you want / need to trade dil for more c-points when you are running low on cash. This hands on market experience is crucial for you to develop 'playing' skills