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02-23-2012, 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by verasgunn View Post
Well, I believe the idea with Fleet Admiral is that they're going to be giving us the ability to create our own Fleet of ships which we then get to command, which is the benefit of hitting that particular rank. Admiral itself could possibly be an in between rank, much like Rear Admiral Upper Half.

But seriously, if you think about it, if you ended up spending who knows how much on ships from a C-store wouldn't you be mad if they were suddenly made completely useless to endgame content because we have a new rank. It's one thing to toss aside a ship you get for free while heading towards VA, it's another thing entirely to discharge the ship you paid real world currency on.
to your first para, I agree partially. I would say that Admiral should allow us to use newer, better ships with more than 5 Boffs and all the bells + whistles, while Fleet Admiral would allow us to own and command multiple VA + Adm ships.

To your second para. I covered that part already. Possibly the current VA C-store ships would make a good addition to a FA's fleet. Or, as said previously, the C-store ships could receive an upgrade, both performance and physical-wise. That way they could possibly keep up with the Adm ships.