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02-23-2012, 10:13 PM
Originally Posted by cheer View Post
I've actually turned Zone chat off for the most part, because while there can be occasional fun stuff there, or a noob needing help, it's lost amidst the mindless chatter and arguments.

Anyway, PM me if you like and we can run some stuff.
*lol* I've thought about turning off Zone, but there are times where I'd feel too lazy to turn it back on, like when trying to find a fourth and fifth persons to fill STF slots. I tend to leave it on for the lulz, simply because something about watching the troll-foolery is just morbidly fascinating. Thought, I'm sure than in time, I'm gonna shut it off. Can the announcements (DOff assignment completion, new mail, etc.) also be filtered, shut off? I'd rather a shiny button flash, than have my chatbox (and subsequent fleet/team comms) become flooded by system messages.

Also, I need to post a rage/anti-troll disclaimer warning. I seem to either bark up the wrong tree, or feel right in raging at a trollish post... Just so I don't step on/break any fingers. ^^