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02-23-2012, 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by Buck_Wheat
Works fine for me. Make sure you put the BOs back in the same spots and their skills should go right back to the way they were.
The fix needs to be that if you have the same BOFFs, their station assignments are remembered PER SHIP. I don't want the same officers at the same stations on a cruiser as I do on an escort.

So, if I set up my BOFFs a specific way on my escort, switch my ship to a cruiser and set my BOFFs a different way for the cruiser, when I switch back to the escort, my crew should remember their ORIGINAL positions on the escort and not try to go to their stations on the Escort as if they were on the Cruiser. Hopefully REAL BOFFs are that ----ing stupid? they shouldn't be that stupid in STO either. If you dismiss a BOFF after switching to another ship, then fine, don't have that guy go back to his original position since he's not there any more, but everyone else SHOULD go back to their original positions. I swear I suggested this repeatedly like 6 mos ago. I see it STILL hasn't been implemented, which is irritating. One would think this should be pretty basic...?