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02-23-2012, 09:55 PM
Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
meh, one of a thousand times Star Trek contradicted itself.
Nothing in ST contradicts anything else, it all matters which "reality"/version/series/film/etc. of ST you are currently visiting. I mean, jeez, just how many times have they broken official history and it made changes to their visible/current timeline?

They had to let poor "Joan" die to save the Federation but "old" Spock just let the new timeline happen to him in the last movie. Maybe with great age and wisdom comes less caring just how badly time/history/reality gets messed up.

The only true rule of canon for ST is this: Whoever is writing whatever version(s) of ST is (are) currently active sets the current canon until someone after them changes it.

WTH, how did I get on this rant? *looks at Taco and shakes fist*