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# 2858 3 Simple requests
02-23-2012, 10:55 PM
#1 Short, Long and Mid-Risk verses reward. If you make the risk great ( IE BORKED ELITE STF DIFFICULTY ) at least make the reward conmensurate with the difficulty. Over 100 elite stfs ( and over 500 total ) and I still don't have a full MK12 set. Now if the set was really worth it that would be a major concern, but since it's not that much greater than the mk 11 whats the point anymore? So, either make the set much better or make the stupid prototype drops better, or fix the difficulty back so it's not that hard to complete the elites as it was before ftp went rabid. The prospects of completing the set for ground AND space are now over my head I havent been motivated to log on and grind that for weeks now.

#2 Mid-Long -Content rich experience. I know you've a lot in the works, but content is THE thing that will keep me coming back to the game over and over. You relaly need a huge relaease of content it is way over due and the current pace seems miniscule compared to the need at VA level. One can only do so many of the 6 missions that do anything for us before we get fed up and start watching Reruns to get our Start Trek fix.

#3 Short -Mid-Long : More careful engineering of changes and better communication of them. Communicating that you are making the stfs easier and actually making them 200 times harder is not only poorly engineeered - it's terrible communication as well. Hey we can all make mistakes and I accept that but you are more likely not to communicate for weeks that a mistake has even been made . I'd like to see you own up to your changes, intentional or not rather than hide behind any artifice. Now from what I have seen since PW tookover your company or someone at your company has a hankering to make the game much more challenging and notch up the difficulty as you can to attract mroe hardcore MMO fans. I don't oppose that but, do some good communication if that's what you intend to do. Ohh and while youa re at it if youa re going to make such crazy changes give us more free respec tokens so that we can adjust to said changes rather than force us to pay you more money with it by default, if you are goign to inflict pain make sure you at least do some reconciliation to ameliorate the damage.