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02-24-2012, 01:12 AM
I'm struggling to understand your build (2nd one). You use tricos, but have not put any points in any projectile skills. You are definitely over the weapon power cap (125), unless you plan to lower power levels to weapons. You have no points in Electro-plasma systems, one of the critical escort skills, as it keeps your weapon power up while firing and benefits all those shield heals you have. You're running 2 hazard emitters which share a cooldown, better to run one transfer shield strength, and one hazard emitters, and pop an aux battery before you pop hazard emitters each time. A second hazard emitters is never going to save your life. Especially not without popping an aux battery first, or putting points in Aux power systems.

You have maxed some tier 5 skills, which is a pure waste of points. You are getting 5 points benefit for a cost of 3000 skill points per point, it's not efficient at all. If this build is primarliy pve as well, why no torps? Torp spread is my go to ability for questing, if you put down a cannon scatter shot at three targets, all their front shields are down when you put 4 torps per target their way. It's like a firework display. Anything smaller than a cruiser is dead in a single pass). Why two rapid fires? In pve, you will often be facing groups of smaller ships, and only sometimes an enemy cruiser or battleship. And even in those cases, torp spread (with quantums, not tricos) is great single target. Why all the attack patterns? Tac captains flying solo don't need Beta, we have fire on my mark. You only need omega for escaping tractor beams and such.

I know you said you don't want to change, but I felt I had to rewrite your build, or I would be negligent in my advice giving... Here's what I would do...first of all, ditch the mines, put a quantum torp up front. Then...

This is your classic gunboat build. Good single target, good AoE, good defense, and good offense. Almost nothing sacrificed.