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02-24-2012, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by doctornex
I don't think that can be right because if you look at your history, orders are sold in fractions, i.e. they can be sold even 1 c-point at a time. But they tend to all be sold around the same time, which tends to indicate some sort of queue system.
I think it picks the oldest offer for the price you asked to buy/sell for.

All the talk about "you set the minimum selling/maximum buying price and can even make more/pay less if there are lower/higher offers available" is void - because why should I ask to buy at 300 if the highest selling offer is 218?
It might come into play if you ask for 2000 cp at 218 and there are only 1500 cp available at this price - then: do you pay 218 for the next 500 cp offered for actually 217? Does the seller get paid higher or do you buy for less?