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02-24-2012, 03:07 AM
All 3 summed up here: more mission content.
I am not talkin about foundry or daily repeatables. I mean real actual NEW developer created missions for both of the current factions in the game. I am sick and tired of playing my VADM 1 day a week for maybe 2 hours. I realize PWE just took over and we need to give you guys time to adjust fire onto target so i am bein as patient as possible. But if you EVER want another dime outta my wallet LOTS of new mission content is what it will take. I do not care if the level cap ever goes up if i have stuff to do in game with my main and all of my alts.
This being said i have glanced at some of the other feedback in this particular forum and see that you are listening to at least a portion of the posts. WAY BETTER THAN YOUR PREDECESSORS! I think you guys since FTP have done the best you can with what you were handed. I do not mean for that statement to sound derogatory at all. I mean to impress upon you the urgency that you have shown at addressing past oversights is noticed and appreciated. It is the best i have seen the game since the novelty wore off 3 months after beta.
Bravo on all of your hard work and now that you have the momentum going again DO NOT STOP!
Thank You