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02-24-2012, 04:24 AM
Well, first of all thanks for the replies.

About weapon power: it's currently at 104 and I can't increase it any further. the marker is set at 75 and it simply refuses to go any higher.

I have not seen anywhere Sci consoles that increase shield capacity. There's the shield regen one and then there's the "+24 to emitters" one.

I used to have EPS consoles before and did not find much use for them. It's why I havent found much use for the Electro Plasma skill. Seems more like a cruiser type skill to me, since after a full volley (4 cannons+3 turrets) at rapid fire power drain, the weapons power is right back up at 100 before the second volley begins. At least that's what I've observed so far.

I did the two tutorial missions on PVP and nothing more. I dunno about hull energy resist for PVP, but armor seems to be much more essential for PVE, since most of the time you will die to kinetic damage like torpedo spams and crap like that. Yeah, escorts are all about glass cannon type of play, once the shields are down there's nothing much to do except struggle to get them back up. With hull exposed you're pretty much dead meat.

@aashenfox I honestly have no idea how those torpedos (or mines) got there. Must've clicked randomly on crap around there. I ain't using any sort of torpedo/mine launchers, just heavy cannons and turrets.

About the hazard emitters, they're good heal over time and remove plasma burning and other kinds of borgy crap, which is why i'm using two. At some point i used to have Polarize Hull and Hazard Emitters, but Polarize doesn't seem to work when you're already trapped in a tractor beam. Besides, Omega does the job better, and adds a dmg boost to boot, so I dropped Polarize Hull altogether. Hazard isn't used as a life saving skill, it's ongoing, using 2 one after another to have it (almost) all the time active.
Transfer Shield Strength never looked appealing to me, since as a Tac captain I supposed my deflector ain't that powerful to begin with. Didn't know this skill gives you fixed bonuses regardless of deflector power/associated skills.
I will definitely look into replacing the shield batteries for aux ones since I never use those anyway. I've been looking towards that increasing pile of deuterium surplus up until now.

Cannon Scatter: crap spreads damage all over the place. It's good for popping minefields and not much else.
I am using custom key binds for skill chains, for example pressing E activates 4 skills one after the other.
Focus DPS on one target at a time.

Torpedoes. Seriously, torpedoes have no place to exist in space. The simple idea of something moving reaaally slow toward you and YOU CAN'T EVADE IT seems very silly. That said, the game has no countermeasures to speak of, which turns torpedoes to a somewhat powerful weapon, but highly situational.
So what do I want, 600 more DPS or a torpedo that fires once in a blue moon, only at close range and only when the shields are down. I'll take the DPS thanks.

Anything smaller than a cruiser already dies like flies, in 10 seconds of active Beta 3 + Rapid Fire I'm taking out 4 birds of prey, gorn frigates and other frigate type enemies. With enough lucky crits I might actually turn a battleship into space dust in that time (actually did that once, but only once so far).

Beta is absolute combined with Alpha. Omega is useful when Beta is on a cooldown. Delta, I dunno, not much use for it. Actually thinking on turning that Delta to a second Omega. Fire on my Mark has 2 minutes cooldown, good luck using that as defense debuff. I only use it on the biggest meanest targets because of the long cooldown.

I'm waiting to see how that T5 Akira (supposedly coming in march) will be, definitely buying that one. None of the current T5 escorts strikes me as "me wants that", the defiant is just an overhyped turret, and the mvam looks butt ugly. I still have 4 or 5 respec tokens just in case.