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02-24-2012, 06:51 AM
Fair comment on weapon power, I did state that myself above.

I've put Weapon Performance as an essential, but this is debatable. Why? With this build, when running full power to weapons (which you should be). You will be at the weapon energy cap for sure. In order to combat this wastage (since there is no longer an invisible buffer above 125 power, it is now a hard cap), you could reduce weapon power settings and route some to another system, or spend less points here, putting them in something else in order to max it. Your weapon power in system space should always be 125 though. Personally, I mess around with power settings to make sure these points aren't wasted, so this skill effectively gives me a power boost to another subsystem of my choice (such as shields).
I disagree on maxing all tac skills (except Energy Weapon Specialization). I particularly disagree about maxing any tier 5 skill (except MAYBE Energy Weapon Specialization). It truly is a waste of points.

Of course it depends on what you're doing. If your role is in a fleet maximising your dps at the expense of survivability because others are providing heals, etc, then that's another matter, that's not who this guide is aimed at. As stated right at the start, this is for a new captain wanting to pull his weight at endgame and not knowing where to start.

this is for the guy who has just made VA, and wants to know how to make a viable and easy to use STF escort build which they can build on as they adapt their play to more specialised areas.
Still, I've taken your comments to heart, there is merit to them, and I have adjusted the build to have only 3 points in Weapon Performance and instead maxing Energy Weapon Specialization. since it provides the biggest damage boost, it's probably better for the starting escort captain.

Thanks for your comments.