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02-24-2012, 06:06 AM
Originally Posted by jrs7200

I also noticed that 'go escort' is the fad now.
This is most likely why the OP "sees" cruisers get blown to shreds in seconds. New players and those who think the cruiser should be an even heavier hitter than the escort are all too common. Most probably think in current terms. An escort is a "screen" whereas the cruiser is the real power in the fleet.

So you have escort fad being applied to cruiser where cappies are trying to max out damage on the cruiser with all sorts of weird combos and doing nothing to insure their survivability.

Once I hit 50 and started doing STFs... and began to learn... I found that there most certainly was good strategies and bad strategies to ship builds.

Don't think modern navy. Think rather swords and sorcery RPGs.

Escort = rogue backstabber, weak on defense
Cruiser = fighter tank, weak on damage
Science = cleric, good at healing and debuffing the enemy

However, there are builds to overcome in someways the weaknesses I listed. Most often this requires a sacrifice of something else, though. For example, a cruiser heavy on damage will likely go down faster than a "tank-cruiser" and probably have no heals for their teammates.

Take a ship you like, outfit it intelligently, and have fun! All ships can be constructed via equipment, BOs, consoles, and DOs to mimic closely some other ship. But you will find it easier to deal more damage with an escort, tank with a cruiser, and be support as a science ship.