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02-24-2012, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by aashenfox
Fair comment on weapon power, I did state that myself above.

I disagree on maxing all tac skills. I particularly disagree about maxing any tier 5 skill. It truly is a waste of points.

Of course it depends on what you're doing. If your role is in a fleet maximising your dps at the expense of survivability because others are providing heals, etc, then that's another matter, that's not who this guide is aimed at. As stated right at the start, this is for a new captain wanting to pull his weight at endgame and not knowing where to start.
Reading for the win. Oh well, bears repeating I guess.

And yeah, for a beginner, they might want to do a little more with other things if they are using torps. But if they aren't using torps, I can put 9 into every single survivability skill (except subsystem repair because its usefulness in PvE is dubious) and still max all my tac skills. With 3 in Weapon performance I even get to put 3 in kinetic resists at tier 5. AND on top of that I believe my engine performance, thrusters and those other mid level engie skills are also maxed. Its possible I left engine performance at 6, but anything at tier 3 or below that I wanted, I got to put 9 in.