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02-24-2012, 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by Maruko
Yes. In the first pilot of TOS she played the first officer, credited as Number One I think - after the TV bosses of that time ... I am not repeating everything which has been written a few posts before ... ;o)
She staid as Nurse Chapel - your underling - and oh wonder, the alien (Spock) was allowed to stay and to become first officer even! Possibly because he at least presumably has a dingeling needed to be fit for command ...

You might remember the two episodes with Pike - the not to talkative fellow in the wheel box you communicated by beep and beep-beep for yes and no. Spock was under trial for breeching the quarantine of Talos IV. More then half of these two episodes was a recut of the old pilot, in which the Enterprise, then under command of Cpt. Pike., made first contact with the inhabitants of Talos IV.
amazing how spock shows such disregard to starfleet and complete loyalty to his former captain when he was in need the most. didnt think vulcans can show such affection and they are usually more frozen over then an ice planet in the middle of its own ice age.

back on topic, i remember the times of nurse chapel, but they didnt stand out as well as Lwaxana Troi though, some really memorable moments on trek where Majel stood out best.