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02-24-2012, 06:40 AM
Tactical captain dps cruiser crew reporting in.

It's not easy to heal yourself while trying to do some damage to your opponent - likely a escort - and healing a team mate at the same time in the heat of a battle. Moronic idiots who point their fingers to cruiser captains calling them useless for not healing should be shot in the head.

I switched from High Yield 1 + Fire at Will 2 to FAW 1 + HY 2, and I like it a lot. Now that I finally have 4 BORG antiproton beam arrays and antiproton damage console I do quite a lot of damage in STF. It's also somewhat effective in pvp; a salvo of 3 transphasic torps followed by a quantum torp, breen transphasic torp-mines and warp plasma often make some people run, giving me time to heal back to 100%.