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02-24-2012, 06:55 AM

New build, maxed out.

Fore Weapons: 3x DHC, 1x Torpedo
Aft Weapons: 3x Turret (same type is implied lol, no rainbows here)

Em Power to Shields
Em Power to Shields, Reverse Shield Polarity

Transfer Shield Strength, Hazard Emitters

Tac Team, Rapid Fire, Spread/High Yield
Tac Team, Rapid Fire, Omega 1, Beta 3

Doff: 2x Conn Officer, 3x Technician

- High Yield or Spread?
- Is it seriously advised to drop all hull resist skills for torpedo buff skills? considering you only use ONE launcher?
- Ideas on the "Performance" skills. Is it better to dump "engine performance" and get "warp core efficiency", which would boost both engines and aux?