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02-24-2012, 07:05 AM
Aw, I like rainbows Derp

Boff setup is nice.

Build comments: Too much weapon power. You are going to be way over cap. If you are happy to mess around with your power distribution, this might be ok, but as I have recently been discussing with another member here, more than 3 points in Weapon Performance is difficult to get any real benefit from, at least not without some changes to your power settings.

So, take 6 points off Weapon Performance and put them in Warp Core Efficiency (6 points) and one more point each in Electro Plasma, Warp Core Performance and Impulse Thrusters. Apart from that, looks great!

When you get back in game, set Weapon Power to 100 and see if when you are in SYSTEM space, you are at 125. If you are, reduce weapon power to 95 and check again, then 90, etc etc. Keep doing this until you drop below 125, then undo the last change to put you back up to 125. Any spare power, distribute as you wish (Shields or Aux).

PS. I wouldn't drop the resist skills, I run a gunboat with torpedoes and this is my build (more or less)...6 and 3 in the resist skills respectively.