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02-24-2012, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by Nolas76
3 weeks...I think my problems started around the same time, don't check it so often on every single character so it took a few days until I realized it. But this thing is really weird, I put a doff on the exchange with one toon and it showd up, canceled the offer, mailed the doff to another toon, put it on exchange and it didn't show up.
Exchange search issues have existed for the past 2 years. To avoid most of the problems, DON'T USE 'ANY' OR 'ALL' in the search fields....

Right now, I'm selling Tribble (val) (at a very reasonable price...) on the Exchange, and I always check the Exchange for price cutters before posting more for sale...

If I use...
Tribble (val)
sort by price
Personal Device

I have no problems seeing my Exchange posts (as well as anyone under-cutting my Tribble price) and never had any issues with any other items I've posted... (such as common DOFFs, Mk X Phaser Beam Arrays, etc)

Also keep in mind that the Exchange will only look at the first 400 Exchange posts that meet your search criteria, (or partially meet your criteria if you're using wild cards...). So if their are 400 items posted at at a lower costs then what you posted it, your items still won't show in the listing...