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02-24-2012, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
Couldn we just simply get rid of the boxes all together...

While your ideas a ok... (i geuss)... The resistance against this kind of "lottery" is simply never gonna go away... Especially not when the reasons for making them (and the ship you get) in the way, is a obvious lie.
Originally Posted by aimtomisbehave
Or just abandon grab-bags altogether, that would be nice. Asking players to invest additional money into a game with meaningful content releases might just be a better bet in the long run than integrity-eroding manipulative scams, anyway (particularly ones that actively irritate everyone whether they participate or not).
I'll go with those too.
Seriously. Its not that I know SO MANY people in that game, but I know at least 4 who did quit because of the gold boxes entirely, and I know a whole buch of people who avoid the C-Store as a matter of princaple until they are gone (I'm more or less in the later corner, bought the Defaint interior with exchanged dillithium, but that was my only purchase this year so far any the people I'm refering too do not even do that).
And even if its not a "matter of princaple", its simply: the drop boxes make people feel unconfortable.
It causes a bad atmosphere, since many always have the feeling "when does the paywall come". You dont feel trust into the game, and if you dont have trust into the game, its less likley people invest.

The drop boxes might be a quick bug and successfull on a shirt view,.... but on the long view it does more damage then good even for cryptic/pw.
But Cayptic/PW has proven many times before that this kind of logic, the idea of a happier playerbase makes a better game does not come to thier mind. The often critisied way STF rewards work right now is anothr example that does not even involve the C-Store.

Originally Posted by frontline2042
2) reduce the drop rate of the boxes (cut the drop rate in half). This will encourage people to buy more keys since the boxes are more rare it gives the illusion that the drop rates should be higher.
Yeah, trying to fool the playerbase even more. Great.

3) make the ship (or whatever super rare item) be bind on pickup. This would serve to counter a group of players from pooling resources to stockpile boxes and have the 1 person with a reusable key open all of them.
Well they WANT the stuff to be tradable for obvious reasons.... And I dont see where it would help to change that.
After basicly charging up to (or even over) 300 $ for a per charatcer perk it would be even more awfull if you wouldnt have the choice on wich character it ends up.

4) dont tell us who got something from the box. It leads to harassment from players who are protesting the grab bags. If you must advertise how many ships have been claimed do so in the chatbox and dont name anyone. "The 10,348th galor has been claimed! Try your luck" would be acceptable.
Harassment? Who ever does that to the lock box winners: I'm proud of you.

Seriously, where is that accaptable? Where?
The issue is that we get a permanent spam about an issue some of us want to ignore entirely to keep the ilusion of this beeing a good game. YOur suggestet change does not help there.
It, btw, will just make people to believe even less in cryptic because they might assume its just a made of number.

Drop that gambling at all. That is the only acceptable solution.