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# 1 Newbie Question about consoles
02-24-2012, 09:27 AM
I've been searching (buying/from loot) those consoles that gives like % for shield/weapon damage
Is it stack-able? I currently have 4 +24% of a certain type of weapon that I have on my escort,
but sometimes the weapon damage just kept changing.... This is without me firing or doing anything

Do I have to be on board the ship (which is in space) to be able to see the difference? Since when I was
taking my time in front of the exchange / bank console the weapon damage is not changing after I put
these in my tactical console.

My second question is about the shield +35%, if say I have 2, would that count like +35% or
1.35 + ( 1.35 x 0.35 ) or 1.7..... Was just wondering because sometimes I see my shield is about
35% more, but then without changing anything, just by swapping equipment in space station then putting
it back, my shield drops back down to original .....

My Third question is sometimes I used those +proton etc resistance damage, but they do not give the
full amount. This is not even when using 2 of them.. I think I have old +24 proton/dis/tet and something
forgot.... resistance... but when I put it on my ship it only gives like 16.1 ? Don't remember the exact amount
and I'm asking this while patching

Sorry if this is confusing, I don't even know how to start to ask this question =\

Thanks for reading and appreciate it very much if I can get an answer