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02-24-2012, 10:38 AM
Since I help do Ship Busters over with TIE I got one, it's... not very thrilling as a shuttle. It comes with the option to make it look more like the one we saw in the show, which is basically a Danube. The new engine, while pretty, doesn't seem to proc much, and when it does there's no indication of it on the target ship. Also scorpion fighters flew right through the plasma no prob, they would de-cloak though. I'd say that the engine should have some changes to it, like increasing the duration of the gas, adding a marker to a target when it's been hit by it like every other power has, and maybe add a 25% chance to disable shields for a few seconds, and maybe let us equip it to ships as an engineering console, otherwise it's pretty useless even in PvE.