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02-24-2012, 11:06 AM
I really like how it visually picks up more cues from the +1 Fed ships. There are elements there which are quite reminiscent of the Sao Paulo and Thunderchild classes. I'm glad to see more ships that push Starfleet more toward the 25th century.

I do, though, wonder what all the torpedo ports are for. =P

When shuttlebays come out, I admit that I would really like seeing the shuttles I have displayed there. The Yellowstone could look quite badass seen up close with the kind of details the Type 6 shuttle's ground model has. I figure its odd ventral shape will at least be supported with landing gear to make up for it.

Another high point for me there is how it was made to externally match the current shuttle interior. So, finally, we have ship exteriors pretty decently matching ship interiors that's something else than the Danube.