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With all of these changes, and the fact I've been away from the game for a while, I've been trying to get an idea about how effective the included target subsystem abilities are on science vessels. My question is really about both PvE and PvP effectiveness, actually.

Has anyone really specialized in making them effective? I have heard that their ability to drain the whole system depends on both wep power and aux power, but has that been confirmed?

I'm also wondering if having more than one beam bank in the target arc when using subsystem targeting really matters? I don't think I have enough skill points to spread between both torpedo and beam damage, so it seems I really need to specialize in one or the other. Also, have people experimented with using tac slots to include additional subsystem target abilities?

So far, in some testing in PvE, it doesn't seem to be super effective in draining systems, from what I can see, but maybe someone has gotten it to work well (especially with the DoFF powers)?

Thanks for whatever input you can provide... I'm anxious to get a test build on Tribble that seems to work.