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02-24-2012, 11:21 AM
The tac captained Oddity, (that's 5 to go Frans), the USS Raoul Duke, I flew in Cure elite did well. Yes it blew up twice, but I was able to put consistent stress on the Tac cube and gate plus was able to keep couple of teammates alive. No one complained about it at the end of the STF and I was even able to run lobo on the probes that were headed to the gate. Both times I blew up were before the last transformer was dropped and could be traced to me healing others at the expense of myself.

I would have to run the Raoul Duke in a PvP match to really get a feel for it's actual sustained DPS, (which it was not designed to do so I do not expect a good return in that arena), but from what I saw it was more than adequate for a cruiser.

All that said and I can relate that a Bortas would have been better.