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02-24-2012, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Daywalker.Hawk View Post
if youre a tac officer dont fly cruisers in stf. your to slow and you dont have the firepower to even take out on sphere let alone a couple or a cube.

as a tech its not your job to kill everything just make sure your dds stay alive.
Don't listen to this guy, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Read on for my explaination...

Oh and same goes for pvp... if you let an escort beat you in a dread (1v1) then you're doing it wrong. The best result an escort can hope for is a draw by running away... which is usually what ends up happening. But they certainly can't kill me faster than I can kill them.

Originally Posted by mbradshaw View Post
I was wondering the best build for Elite STFs for a Dreadnought Galaxy-X? I do all right, but it is almost impossible for me to get less than 10 deaths a match.

Thanks in advance!

Examples of what I would like to be able to do are:
1) Take out a sphere by myself without having to respawn 2-3 times to do it.
2) Not die to a Tactical cube with one shot. ( X _ X )
3) Be able to help my team get optional objectives in Elite STFs.
4) Profit!
I fly a dread in elite stf's, and I do about as much dps as most of the escorts in my fleet. Here is my build:

phaser single cannons x 3
quantum torp x 1

phaser turrets x 4

Eng consoles:
borg assimilated console, +3.5 weapons power setting, neutronium (+18 resist to everything), and cloak

Sci consoles:
+35% shields, +24 shield emitter

Tac consoles:
phaser relay (+26%) x 3

BO skills:
EPtS1 - RSP1 - Aux to hull - DEM3
EPtS1 - ET2 - Eject WP1
TB1 - TSS1

Note: TB1 can be switched out for Polarize hull so you don't get tractor'd... I'll explain why in the "How to solo cubes on elite part...

Things to note:
*Use DEM3 at the same time as CRF to max your dps.
*The cannons have have 180 firing arc and still does more dmg than beams.
*CRF increases your turret dps also.
*Running 2 copies of EPtS allows you have 90-100 shield power setting the whole time, just cycle between the 2 of then.
*Reverse + evasive manuvers will turn you around 180 in no time... practice using it.

How solo cubes (not tac cubes) on elite:
Activate all your dmg buff while cloaked, AP-alpha, DEM2, Go down fighting, etc. Decloak within 5km, and fire your lance. The reason for this is that the for 5 sec after you decloak, you get a 5% dmg boost, and you want to shoot your lance when you have 125 weapon power, i.e. before you shoot any other weapon.

At this point the cube will be mad at you, so hit polarize hull if you have it, brace for impact, and evasive manuvers, and fly TOWARD the cube, not away. Get in its face, hit it with everything you have, along with eject WP. If your front shield facing is low, hit all your shield heals and TT1. And basically wait for the heavy plamsa torp to hit you. You should survive with about 10-20% health, and the cube should be dead, or at least about to. Then you can use w/e hull heal you have and finish the job.

If you don't have time to cloak before hand, just ignore that part. Everything works the same way. This also assumes you have at least a mk 11 MACO shield or aegis; which if you don't, you probably shouldn't be doing elites.

I know I didn't answer your questions specifically, but using some of the tactics I've mention, if you can solo a cube you should be able to do the same for spheres, because if you can last long enough to kill the cube, you will last long enough to simply dps down a sphere.

Let me know if anything is unclear.