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02-24-2012, 12:00 PM
Just an observation but, what ship are you using, what equipment are you using, what doff set up are you using?
Just because your so many levels higher doesnt mean WIN, id suggest asking for some builds that work, because not to rain down or anything but it seems you dont have a very strong one tbh.
Not having enough missions, yes, everyone knows this, kdf content has never been a major draw for the true kdf players, if it were, there would be no kdf players at all. be lucky there is some, at launch there was virtually no content except pvp for the faction, and starting at level 5, that was somewhat, interesting.

feds have more tech? are you suggesting from the +1 ships or what exactly? both factions have the same amount of items available to them besides the +1 stuff, as far as anything rare goes, stfs, well theres more stuff coming for kdf side if i remember right but i could be wrong, at least it looks cool.