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02-24-2012, 12:18 PM
O_O! Just thought of the best ability to put into the game....and everyone gets it! Like Brace for Impact or Abandon Ship:

Eject Warp Core & Antimatter Pods: Short Speed/ Inerta buff to try and get out of range, then -50 to engines after warp core ejection, permanently until you die. Regular 5-10 min cooldown timer to keep from EXTREME ABUSE (I could easily see teams forming together now "WE MUST EJECT THE WARP CORE, THEN RAMMING SPEED & ABANDON SHIP! TIME IT RIGHT AND IWIN IT IS!!! ROFL-STOMP!!!"

"But you died. A point was counted against you."


"You're a sad excuse for a human being....that's what you are..."

ANYWAY, rambled there for a sec....carrying on....

Can only be used below (50%, 25%, 10%...whatever makes the most sense). It basically does the damage of a High Yield Heavy Tricobalt (maybe more....this is a freaking warp engine and anti-matter we are talking about), but in a WIDE AOE: 5-6-7 KM. The further away you are from the blast, the less damage you take. HUGE explosion graphics, like when a Borg cube dies.

Now, to be true to the show, we must also have the "EJECT THE WARP ENGINE, NOW!!" "Sir! Warp Core Ejection System is off-line" moment when you realize that these civilizations that create and use warp travel everyday design a system to be a "last ditch effort to save the ship in the most dire of situations", and EVERYTIME they try to use it, the system is off-line. With such an important operation, wouldn't you put so many fail-safes and protections around it that when the rescuing ship comes to the site, if the entire ship was vaporized, you would still see a little black box floating in space with a screen that says "Ready to Eject Warp Core. Press ENTER When Ready"?

So with that though, 95% chance that the Warp Core Ejection System will be offline, and your ship blows up.

So, what does everyone think?