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02-24-2012, 12:36 PM
umm, one, three and four are possible, but two isn't. If your on elite and a tactical cube wants you dead, you will be.
This made me laugh then cry.
the tac cubs on elite uses an [invisible] torpedo attack that deals about 300k dmg so if he fires it at you your gone not even an odyssey can survive this. only thing that helps is polarized hull then you can survive this but as you dont see the torp you never know when to activate it.

best option is to be below or atop of the cube so only his normal attacks hit you.
THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH! I could never figure out why I was dead in one shot. Invisible super torpedo... I need one of those.

My current build:

Breen Transphasic cluster torpedo x1
Rapid reload transphasic torpedo x1
Tricobalt mobile device launcher mXII x1
Antiproton dual heavy cannons MXI x1

Antiproton turrets MXI x 2
Tricobalt mine launcher MXII x1
Transphasic Mine Launcher MXI x1

Eng consoles:
neutronium alloy MXI (+18 resists-everything), Monotaniium MXI +35 kinetic resist, tetraburnium MXI, and Emergency force fields +35 crew able/live.

Sci consoles:
+35% shields, +35 crewman recovery rate

Tac consoles:
+16 kinetic damage, borg assimilated module, +26% transphasic damage

BO skills:
emergency power to shields1, directed energy modulation 1, eject wp1, aceton beam.
Engineering team 1, aux to hull, reverse shield polarity
Hazard Emmiters, Science team II

I have the Maco deflector and shield MXI. I also have the Omega deflector and shield MXI.

But I am definitely going to try your build Cyell, Thx! Do you recommend any Duty Officers that would complement your build?