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02-24-2012, 12:45 PM
They aren't but the ships are sometimes downright odd if your used to Federation ships take the Bird of Prey its in fact a very tough ship but you have to use it right. Mine has an engineering top station focused on shield reinforcement and emergency rapairs, then tactical with fire at will and torpedo spread 2 then scinece with Tacheyon enhancements and then Ensign Tactical with Toredo Spread I. My ship has three phaser array 6 and two quantum toredos 6 all bought for dilithium so are the good rare ones. I enhanced the phasers with two consols, improved the turning and armor, shiled regeneration, put in a combat impulse with turning speed, resilient shild 6 (capacity boost) and a good deflector dish for stealth and keeping my ship together. In a fight its a tough vessel I can turn fast moving my shields recovering, fire weapons that do nice damage and mount a pretty nasty offense. I would think most players agree that proper selection of the ship, bridge crew skills and training in those plus your own skills all matter. The Captain auguments the others so don't ignore engineering and science skills I make it a point to get three levels in each tier I can get to perk up performance. And having a Joined Trill tweaks this more in my case (I love the race choice its good in both sides and they have such cute spots). But all their ships are good the Battlecruisers are good solid vessals, some of the c-store vessels very good and I think its more style do you like this sort of play or that.

On the ground did you put on your people the best armor, shields, better weapons and cherry pick skills so you have good ones for example shield generators and turrents are always good over mines in my experience and tossing grenades and combat skills are important and one science officer focused on healing skills.

Might I suggest keep it simple I wasn't creative I looked for practical options first and I tend to like defense and staying power more than offense but made sure I had teeth and tricks.

And Ilike the KDF its more fighting missions and going over to give the Feds heck not fancy long term missions but that could change now that its f2p.

Oh and the War Zone Missions I find usually its you verses many Fed ships of course your dying, I would get a posse of say eight KDF players of your rank and go in together then if they have twelve ships they have a fight.