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02-24-2012, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by NovaFury View Post
Otherwise, Aux2SIF gets my vote for general hull heal. Weaker, but adds resists and has a short cooldown, doesn't interfere with my shiny tactical team.
I find that Aux2SIF actually heals for a little bit more than EngTeam with reasonable Aux power over the same period of time (Around 50 aux power is the break point IMHO) but it relies on the faster CD instead of a larger burst amount. Of course, running 2 copies of Eng Team will result in more healing per second, but that's two abilities compared to the one that also has the advantage of providing a hull damage resistance but without the repairing disabled/damage subsystems.

With max aux power, Aux2SIF provides for easily the same amount of overall healing as 2 copies of Eng Team.