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High yield three can be trained by a tactical captain


The engineering teamsí share a cool down one is a little less than the used one
Extend shields are to a friendís advantage and your shields weaken because youíre reinforcing your friends


Consider replacing with polarize hull to break tractor beams my own opinion.


You need to replace all your weapons with Mark XI Very Rear (for the best damage)
Dual beam banks have a very narrow firing arc.
Torpedoes share the same cool down so their no real help but are taking up space, consider replacing 1 dual beam bank and two torpedoes (leaving one forward and one aft) with, additional beam arrays this will allow you to broadside a target more effectively and give you a 360 firing arc.


If you have a Mark XI shield your fine there it has the highest capacity of all the shields in game


The deflector is fine

Impulse Engines:

The best impulse engine for space combat is: Aegis, the best for sector space travel is the Retro Borg tech engine

Eng Console:

The Accelerators are good no problems there (I use 4 on my excelsior and it turns like an escort which is good but at the expense of hull armour )
Consider going down to one EPS manifold cause theirs a engineering officer ability that does it also
And consider putting some armour on for protection

Sci Console:

The Assimilated console has limited usefulness at best without the other parts
Saucer Sep, nothing wrong with that
Bio function Monitor, nothing wrong with that either

Tactical Console:

2x Phaser Relay MK XII those are very good but ONLY work if your using phaser based weapons


As much as having the proper equipment on your ship it also depends on your skill tree, but there I canít help you because I am a ship tech guy not a build guy..