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02-25-2012, 02:34 AM
I like it!

Originally Posted by ivarST
All T5 retrofitted T3 ships ..
  • keep their hull & turn rates
  • get another forward weapon slot
  • get their crew compartments halved to make room for the added weapon slot and other tech upgrades
  • if needed get the upgraded T5 shield modifier
  • get the BOFF and console layout of the T3 c-store ships, but with the ltd-cmdr BOFF upgraded to cmdr.
  • get an innate bonus to offset the missing T5 BOFF slot(+x weapon power or accuracy or torp fire rate, etc.)
  • oh yeah and only cost Dilithium(prettyplease )
I would give those ships a additional universal Lt BOFF slot (at the least) and a universal console slot.

Btw, "Dilithium" ships should be account wide IMHO or cost C-Store points but MUCH cheaper that the regular C-Store ships.

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