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02-25-2012, 03:20 AM
I've been playing BSGO for 2 years now and believe me, STO is waaaayyy better.

BSGO lacks content in a big way. The visuals do look good but not as good as STO. I know of several BSGO players that have come to STO and are amazed at the visual effects. They've all agreed that the shield effects are stunning. The only thing i prefer on BSGO is the open PVP. You're right, they should have put that in STO from the start. Someone on the forum mentioned having a neutral zone where open PVP could take place. I like that idea of chopping in and out of combat when i want rather than being stuck in a PVP arena with rules and timer's.

Ooooh that reminds me, i've got a huge wing battle at 12 today. Must go buy some nukes and red tip ammo. lol